Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Healthy Weight Network and The Slim Chance Awards 2008.

John and I have been seeing a registered dietician for about 2 years now, and with her help we've lost a combined weight of over 160 pounds. No special tricks, just good old fashioned nutrition and exercise. It was important for us to not only lose the weight but to learn better health habits. Over the years we've encountered a lot of get-thin-quick schemes and have been asked at many a party what our "secret" was, and when we've told people we simply stopped shoveling food and ate more veggies and got up off our asses thirty minutes 4 to 5 times a week, the reaction was a bored "oh." (John says there was one time where he encountered a woman who walked away from him almost defeated. "It was as if I'd punched her in the stomach.")

Skepticism and nutrition pretty much go hand and hand. Two of my favorite fitness magazines have good advice mixed in with ads for pills or mixtures guarenteed to "get ya cut." It seems you have to have good critical thinking skills to take care of yourself properly. Frances M. Berg, M.S., who operates the Healthy Weight Network has issued the 20th annual set of "Slim Chance Awards" to weight-loss scheme promoters. Freakin hilarious! Special thanks to Dr. Steven Barrett from Quackwatch for the link and the story!

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