Sunday, July 13, 2008

The blog starts here.

Hello all.

And so it begins - after a chance encounter at the truly amazing TAM 6.0 - we find ourselves at the start of something new, back home in Richmond, Virginia.

We had a fantastic meeting with the RAFT group - and now we are off and running.  Domains are registered - websites are in progress - and the meet-ups are starting.  Why not bring a blog along for the ride?

Most importantly - everything about the folks we are reaching out to has been excellent!

See - we are but a small group so far, and are currently on a quest to find other similar local groups.  We all had to go to Vegas to meet each other - so we are currently on a quest to further explore the groups already around us.   Today we met some amazing folks from the RAFT group in Richmond.   I truly look forward to a chance to get to know each of them.  

We spoke about many sources of our Skeptical nature.  We talked about the content online - webpages, blogs, podcasts, and tv shows we loved.   We talked about authors and  stage performers.  And some of the people, places and events in our lives which have on some level shaped the people we are today.  This is currently leading to our second website update.  A page which will serve as a repository of all the things that have influence our lives and our skeptic ability.   

(Note: for those reading this who think the word "skeptic" means - one who can see the future - because I put it in-front of the word - ability or for any other reason.  WE ARE GLAD YOU FOUND US!  Please read more about us and our material.  Learn what is means to 'cold read.'  And then come meet us and talk about it!) 

Link, to our favorite stuff coming soon.  And if you think of a clever name for this information - let me know.

This blog will serve as a place we can all stay in touch - and comment on our day to day, week to week ventures as part of a Skeptics group in Richmond, Virginia.

Who are we?  Jennifer & John, Patrick and John.   Want to know more?  Read our blogs, check out our site - and come meet us at an event.  We look forward to meeting all of you.  We hope to find more folks willing to join up in the Richmond Skeptics cause - wherever our efforts and ideas may lead us.


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