Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The iPhone test.

For reasons I can only speculate upon - after attending TAM 6.0, I am convinced a lot of skeptic-types have iPhones.  They were everywhere.

Ok - maybe lots of people have them and I just haven't recently been in a group large enough for long enough to notice how many.  I've had mine for a while now (almost 13 months...) and I notice while a few other people seem to have them in general....it seemed like a sizable increase in the TAM crowd.  More than normal?  Perhaps not and I'm not sure really I care.  I'm just saying, I would guess more.  

I don't have definitive proof for my Skeptics use iPhones theory - but I do have a picture I took on my iPhone, of James Randi talking about his
iPhone.  So perhaps this is a good place to find people who have iPhones.  Besides, I have like .5 posts and need to talk about something.

So....my question for follow skeptiPhoners is - what do you have on your Purchased Playlist?   I checked mine tonight while playing with the remote app (it's really good, in case you haven't heard) and I saw that I have only purchased 73 songs from the iTunes store on my computer and 1 song from the store while using my iPhone.  (Which is to say, I use Amazon MP3 store, mostly - but I digress)

I wondered, if other generic iPhone users tend to still purchase
over the computer, or if the ability to buy directly from the phone was more popular - and I just don't happen to use the feature.

At the least, I thought it would be interesting to see what other iPhone users have as their 'Purchased' and 'Purchased on iPhoneNameHere' playlists.  In addition, we get to see what you named your iPhone.  As you can see, mine is Ziggy.

If you own an iPhone  (I suspect if you got this far in the post, you might)  you can use the super cool 'screenshot' feature in 2.0 to post your own similar photos here.

Just navigate to the playlists from your home computer on the Remote app -and push both the top Sleep button and Home button at the same time to get screenshot.  It flashes at you, and then saves the screen grab in your photos and you can send it along via e-mail or grab it later when you sync.  Yeah, the screenshot feature is pretty hip too.

In an extra special touch of geekdom, you can see the 
 1 song I purchased on Ziggy.  I also did see at least 1 "Code Monkey" t-shirt on display at TAM - which is at least a hundred too few.

So, I'm a skeptic geek - and I used the feature.   If you have an iPhone, what have you bought on iTunes from your iPhone?