Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today at lunch, I mentioned the idea that as we grow older, time 'seems' to speed up - because, naturally - we have lived and experienced a longer and longer period of time.  So each day of our life represents a smaller total of the whole.

To say it another way, the more days you are alive, the smaller amount of time a single 24 hour period represents of your total life so far - relative to the whole.  It is getting smaller and smaller with each passing, additional day.   This reminds me of the fantastic description of the natural log (and e) I found here. 

I think the same process also applies to the tournament chips used in poker games.  Big stacks have less value for each individual chip - because they have more of them.  The short stack with 5 - $100 chips places a much greater value on each chip than the guy with 180 $100 chips.

Anyway - you can start sounding like a nutball when you start talking about time and the natural log, so I wanted to make sure I shared the link, in case someone interested in it comes along.

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